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The Scales Moon Card is a symbol of balance and justice, much like the role of a lawyer. Lawyers are the scales of justice in the legal system, balancing the rights of the accused with the need for public safety. They ensure that everyone gets a fair trial and that the law is applied equally to all.

If you find yourself in a legal predicament, hiring a lawyer can help restore balance and fairness to your situation. Whether it's a civil matter or a criminal case, a lawyer's expertise can guide you through the complex legal system and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Your Daily Reading:

The Scales

The Scales card is one of balance, justice, and decision-making. It represents a challenge or situation in your life where you need to weigh up options, consider differing perspectives, or reconcile opposing forces. The Scales ask for careful thought before taking action, and reflect a moment in time where you may be called to account for your actions and choices. The decisions you make now will shape your future, and as such, these should be made with careful consideration and wisdom.

The Scales indicate balance and harmony, yet they also call for clear decision-making. Being suspended in indecision or trying to maintain an unsustainable situation is not the path forward. Instead, this card calls you to use your intellect and intuition to make a careful choice. This is the time to take responsibility for the decisions you make. The Sword in the card symbolizes valor, courage, and the intellect's piercing strength. The closed rose on the thorny stem is a symbol of the delicate balance between beauty and pain. Sometimes, our decisions can lead to growth and blossoming, but other times they can lead to prickly situations. Remember that every choice has consequences, and part of balancing the scales is accepting responsibility for our actions.

The violet fabric refers to the realm of the wisdom and ether - the spiritual. It signals to remember that the decisions we make should not only consider the physical, material world but also the spiritual, emotional, and energetic consequences. Therefore, bringing a balance between the physical and spiritual realms is an essential part of the decision-making process. It's a gentle reminder that the best decisions are often made when our mind, body, and spirit are in harmony.

The major message in this card is to balance and bring justice and fairness into your every action. It's about weighing options and making a decision that is not only fair and just but also in alignment with your higher self. Avoid making rash decisions, and avoid letting personal bias or current emotions sway your decision-making process.

Weights in the Balance of Your Life

The Scales are signifying a significant decision-making process in your life. It calls for a careful weighing of different aspects and points of view. It asks us: What are you weighing up in your life right now? Are there choices that need to be made? Are there consequences that you haven't properly considered? Are there things in your life that are currently out of balance and need attention? Use the wisdom this card has on offer - don't rush into decisions, especially those with long-term implications, instead weigh all aspects carefully.

It is essential to remember that it is through making decisions, taking actions and facing consequences that we grow and learn. When faced with challenging decisions, be gentle with yourself, but also, honor the lesson and growth the decision is offering you. Remember every choice is a chance for growth, every action, a step forward in your path.

What the Scales Mean for You Today

The Scales have appeared to you today indicating that a significant choice or decision is on the horizon for you. Yet it reminds you to balance and weigh the options before making the final call. This decision may involve a handful of competing ideas or domains in your life, and it's essential to consider them all. As the sword cuts through the veil of confusion, and the scales weigh different options, you must not lose sight of your values. Remember, making the right decision requires both courage and wisdom. Have faith in yourself, seek balance, and trust the process.