About Moon Cards

Moon Cards are an entirely new way to connect with your intuition through astrology, divination, and card magic. The deck is made up of fifty exquisitely-illustrated oracle cards. Each one tells a richly-detailed story and represents different universal themes and symbols. As you explore the Moon Cards you will enhance your intuitive abilities, nurture your inner wisdom, and develop newfound understanding about yourself and others.

These special cards use a long-forgotten, yet highly accurate form of intuitive astrology that has been passed down through generations in my family. If you share an interest in astrology and the Moon, you will connect with these cards on a deeper and more instructive level.

A new kind of Tarot, Moon Cards will help you gain insight into how your spirit guides, the Universe, and the natural environment uses signs and symbols to communicate with you, and guide your path forward.

The Moon is an incredibly powerful astrological influence on our lives and the planet – shaping our emotions and intuition in ways both large and small. This one-of-a-kind set of cards is intended to help you tap into this energy. Learn to speak the language of the Moon with this intuitive astrology deck.

There is immense magic and mystique contained within the Moon Cards, and a significant versatility of use. Whether you are looking to enhance your empathic abilities, reconnect with your inner voice, improve your personal life and relationships, or finally understand what makes people “tick,” Moon Cards can help transform your self-doubt into empowered clarity.

More importantly, they can be used as potent tools for divination, helping you answer your most burning questions and gain accurate insight into your past, present and future.

Instead of being examined and picked apart, your intuition is here to gently guide you forward, once you develop the skills and confidence to listen in. With the help of additional supportive tools, astrological rituals and readings, and our growing community of Moon Readers, you will start to reconnect with your inner voice and cultivate deeper trust in yourself and others.

Moon Cards are for the sensitive healers, the empaths, the artists, and the teachers. Now is the moment to get to know yourself in a deeper way and activate your most intimate of abilities: your natural intuition. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to interpret the hidden signs and symbols that animate your life – and share this gift with those you care about.

Work with these powerful cards to create, plan, and predict. Tap into the ancient wisdom of the Moon for healing, guidance and protection. By using Moon Cards in your daily spiritual practice you will feel grounded, present and fully trusting of your inner wisdom.

In love and light,
— Jeremy & Brad

Moon Cards are like Tarot Cards, and our readings are similar to Tarot Card Readings. You can use Moon Cards to tap into your intuition and psychic potential, and like a psychic reading they can help you gain insight into your past, present and future.

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