Water sustains all life on our planet, and it was from primordial oceans that the very first life emerged. Water quenches our thirst, allows us to rear plants and animals, transports our goods and regulates our weather systems. From the drenched, rich rainforests to the most arid of deserts, there is not a place on earth which does not depend upon Water for life.

This is why, astrologically and spiritually, Water symbolizes the interconnectedness of all life, and the deep, unconscious bond we all share. As humans, our collective humanity ebbs and flows like the tides of the sea, as do our individual emotions - but our collective consciousness fills every vessel, seeps through every crack and reminds us at every turn that we are all in this together.

Water symbolizes our intuition and feelings; just as Water takes on the shape of whatever container holds it, so do we adapt and shift as life circumstances change around us. However, we always retain that divine link to the collective whole; we have an instinctive understanding that we are just one drop in the ocean. Dreams are symbolized by the Water element too, as they are part of our unconscious but hold many answers should we choose to look carefully.

Like the other elements, Water is a necessary part of life, but too much of the Water element is not a good thing; too much Water floods and drowns. It washes away progress, and it buries secrets beneath oceans of time. Too much sensitivity can make life very hard to live; too much fluidity makes it difficult to cope with everyday decisions.

The Water card shows up both when we need to be more sensitive and fluid, or less sensitive and fluid. This card also appears when karma is at work; the collective consciousness extends far back into time and stretches ahead into the future.

When you draw the Water card, ask yourself the following questions: how does what you are going through relate to humankind’s collective experience? What can the experiences of others teach you? How can you harness your intuition, emotions and sensitivity to deal with your current issue? Is karma at play? What do your dreams tell you?

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