The Werewolf

The Werewolf has been a subject of fear and horror for centuries. These poor souls are humans, but – having suffered a cursed bite from another Werewolf – they are doomed to transform into wolves every Full Moon. While in wolf form, most Werewolves cannot control their animalistic natures, and will hunt and kill to satisfy their most basic instincts.

Although dangerous, the Werewolf also inspires a certain amount of sympathy. The transformation into and out of wolf form is said to be intensely physically painful, and many Werewolves are psychologically tortured by memories of their own foul acts while in wolf form. Occasionally, after many years of torment, some Werewolves do learn to control their behavior in wolf form, or even to shapeshift at will – but for most of us, an encounter with a Werewolf remains terrifying.

The Werewolf card shows up when there is a need for transformation in your life. Small changes and tinkering around the edges of life will no longer do – something drastic and dramatic must change in order for you to move ahead.

When the Werewolf appears, you may have to undergo psychological transmutation of your own, perhaps changing your entire belief system or un-learning old behaviors and prejudices. Just like the Werewolves of legend, this shapeshifting within you may not be entirely under your control, nor welcome, but know that it is necessary. Rather than simply enduring it, try to embrace it.

In many ways, the Werewolf card is a powerful omen for good, because whatever situation you are facing when this card appears, you do have the power to change yourself in order to overcome it. The change will not be easy, or painless, but it can be done, and that in itself is welcome news if you are facing what seem to be impossible circumstances.

The Werewolf card is also a positive sign if you are trying to overcome addiction or bad habits. You can transform into a better version of you if you are willing to meet your darkness head on and allow the shapeshifting process to take place.

When you draw the Werewolf card, ask yourself the following questions: why do you need to transform so dramatically? How will shapeshifting – in thought or deed – help you to overcome what you face? Are you prepared to undergo this painful but necessary transmutation?

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