The Unicorn

Once upon a time, deep in their enchanted forest, a Unicorn herd moved gracefully through the trees. The Unicorn stallion’s brilliant white coat was dazzling, his majestic spiralled horn glinting in the patches of sunlight. The mares and foals were shimmering silver, with flowing manes and tails enhancing their brilliance. Blessed with healing powers and only able to be tamed by the purest of hearts, these stunning creatures were rarely seen but always sought after.

Sadly, the Unicorn is now extinct. Legend has it that these flighty creatures refused to board the ark and were wiped out in the great flood. Other tales suggest they were hunted to extinction thousands of years ago, by humans desperate to know their magic.

Whatever the cause of the Unicorn’s demise, we retain a clear and vivid folk memory of the Unicorn in our collective consciousness, our myths and our fairy tales. The world grieves to have lost such a unique species, and for this reason the Unicorn card arrives to represent or foretell a sad farewell, a poignant memory or reverence for something or someone lost to us.

When they graced the earth, the Unicorns were freedom-loving animals, never staying long in one place. The Unicorn card is therefore also associated with journeys – particularly journeys where an emotional goodbye may dampen the thrill of new horizons. Innocence and purity are also concepts embodied by the Unicorn card, because only those untainted by humankind’s many vices were able to win the trust of the pure-hearted Unicorns.

The Unicorn card is always a sentimental card to find in your reading. Behind the ethereal beauty of the Unicorn, there is always a certain sadness or regret. The loss of innocence, particularly through betrayal, also brings difficulties and tears, just as it did when a noble Unicorn was captured in eras long past. When the Unicorn comes to speak of such sadness, however, remember that he also speaks of journeys to a new life. That which must be left behind can be fondly remembered or mourned, but life must move on.

When you draw the Unicorn card, ask yourself the following questions: what literal or actual farewells are you facing in your life? How does this make you feel? Are you setting out on a journey, but with regret? Does a cherished memory haunt you, trapping you in the past? Have you lost your innocence, and you now feel betrayed?

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