The Treasure Chest

We humans are filled with curiosity. When we come upon the locked Treasure Chest, we are instantly intrigued. What secrets lie within this padlocked chest? We demand to know; we need to know, and we will stop at nothing to find out.

We dream that the Treasure Chest contains riches beyond our wildest imagination – and sometimes it just might. Other times, however, it contains a cursed treasure. If we are unlucky, opening the Treasure Chest is like opening Pandora’s Box – and we will end up wishing we’d never found it.

The Treasure Chest card symbolizes secrets and forbidden knowledge. The contents have been locked away for a reason. Sometimes deliberately to keep us in the dark. Sometimes even for our own good. When the Treasure Chest shows up, you are hunting for answers about what is hidden from you – but are you sure you’re ready to find out? Knowledge once gained can never be forgotten. Once seen, the contents of the Treasure Chest cannot be unseen.

Often, the Treasure Chest represents illicit desires and lusts – feelings you have tried to keep hidden because they would hurt someone else, or because society would not understand. In these cases, unlocking the Treasure Chest can be a mixed blessing indeed. On the one hand, it gives you the freedom to act on your desires; on the other hand, such actions can destroy a relationship.

Occasionally, the Treasure Chest card represents hidden secrets about your own psyche – repressed trauma or memories that you have shut away for your own protection. Unlocking the Treasure Chest to process this trauma can be a very healthy thing, provided you do it in your own time and on your own terms. The Treasure Chest card may appear when you are being forced to relive something you would prefer to forget, however, which can be very damaging.

It is possible that you may just find happiness, wealth, wellness or joy locked away within the Treasure Chest, and that the secrets it contains are happy ones. Typically, however, the Treasure Chest serves as a tantalizing warning. You can know what is inside – but you must understand that this knowledge comes at a cost.

When you draw the Treasure Chest card, ask yourself the following question above all else: how much do you really want to know?

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