The Third Eye

The psychic casts her hands over the crystal ball and pauses for a moment, before revealing truths about your life that she could not possibly have known. How? Because she is skilled in the use of her Third Eye.

Your Third Eye is one of your chakras, seven spinning energy wheels in the body which keep your physical, emotional and spiritual health in proper balance. Traditionally, the Third Eye is depicted as being within your central forehead, between your normal eyes, above your eyebrows.

It is through the Third Eye that you process spiritual and psychic energies; this is where your psychic abilities reside, whether latent or already awakened. The Third Eye can see through the mists of time, enabling you to understand your past lives as well as foreseeing what lies ahead. By using your Third Eye, you can also see auras, enjoy out of the body experiences, and gain the highest level of intuition and insight.

Mental clarity is also associated with the Third Eye, which activates when you are confused, troubled or having difficulty finding the way ahead.

The Third Eye card turns up in readings to encourage you to develop your psychic powers. Although we tend to associate it with spiritual visions and clairvoyance, because of its name, the Third Eye also opens up your powers of clairaudience (hearing spirit), clairgustance (psychic tasting), clairalience (psychic smelling), clairsentience (feeling psychic sensations) and claircognizance (knowing). When you draw the Third Eye, don’t be surprised if you start to experience these sensations – maintain an open mind and be ready to learn.

Foresight via the Third Eye can be a mixed blessing, as it can be rather unnerving to get a glimpse of the future. However, you should know that your fate is not set in stone; if you do not like what the Third Eye reveals, you always have a chance to change it by changing your current actions – the laws of cause and effect will do the rest.

When you draw the Third Eye card, ask yourself the following questions: are you doing enough to encourage and develop your psychic abilities, or are you scared of revealing their true strength? Would you benefit from foresight and precognition, so that you can alter your course ahead where necessary? Are you confused and looking for answers – answers which you can only obtain from your higher self, via your Third Eye?

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