The Storm

Who hasn’t watched in trepidation as storm clouds gather on the horizon? Facing the Storm, we know that we are in for a bumpy ride. As torrential rain battles high winds and thunder crashes overhead, the Storm is elemental force at its most potent. We under-estimate the Storm at our peril – and yet, it never lasts for long. As quickly as the Storm rages in, it moves on ahead of a clearing sky.

The elemental battles of the Storm are symbolized by the Storm card and its key meaning of conflict. The Storm card shows up when we are facing a fight. Whoever is involved in the conflict, and whatever sparked it, there is no avoiding it at this point. However, we are reassured that just like the Storm, the conflict will not last forever. The rain, winds and thunder will pass. We will emerge.

It is because the Storm does not last for long that another key meaning of the Storm card is resolution. This is resolution hard-won, and not something which will fall into our laps without effort, but the Storm card does promise that a solution can be found. In a hurricane, the eye of the storm provides a moment of respite mid-battle too, so look for this if you are caught in a lengthy conflict.

Sometimes, a mild storm merely stirs up some breeze and a little bit of rain, in a short, sharp downpour. The mixing of elements in a milder storm signifies debate and discussion. The Storm card can appear when we simply need to talk things through. The debate may well be heated and passionate, but again, a resolution is at hand once the discussion is over.

When a storm threatens, we can defend ourselves from the worst that nature can throw at us by being prepared. Preparing for a conflict or a heated debate is also important, so the Storm card sometimes shows up well ahead of time to warn us what is coming. Work out who you are in conflict with, and how they are likely to face the looming battle – knowing what your opponent is likely to do will give you the upper hand.

When you draw the Storm card, ask yourself the following questions: what has led to this conflict? How can you get through it as quickly and safely as possible, without prolonging the Storm? Do you already have an idea for the resolution? If you need to have a difficult debate, are you ready to get that over and done with? Delaying will only put off the inevitable argument.

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