The Stag

As a misty dawn breaks, the Stag feeds at the edge of the forest. At the faintest sound, he raises his magnificent head to watch warily, his senses prickling, ready to take flight or defend himself at a moment’s notice.

The Stag’s instincts are second to none and his powers of perception far outweigh our own. He embodies the raw, primal energy of nature, fleet-footed, alert, his head crowned with impressive antlers. The more branches and points on his antlers, the longer the Stag has lived, outwitting predators and rival Stags through a lifetime of skill and wisdom.

When you draw the Stag card, you are being asked to use your own intuition, wisdom and perception. The Stag doesn’t operate through logic or analytical thought – his is a world of pure instinct. Look around you keenly; use your senses, including your psychic senses, to get the measure of your situation. There is something you need to know which you cannot discern from mere facts alone.

Be on the lookout for a sign when the Stag card appears in your reading. The universal consciousness has a message for you, but you must be alert to your surroundings in order to see it and interpret it. The Stag is the synchronicity card, so when this beautiful animal appears in your reading, it’s time to both ask for and expect to receive wisdom from the cosmos.

You will find unusual coincidences occurring in your life when the Stag needs to communicate with you. Pay great attention to anything odd or strange which happens. If you need to make a decision, listen to your intuitive self and to your primal instincts, no matter what anyone else is telling you. You must rely upon your own wits alone when the Stag is in play, for many would try to hunt him down.

When you draw the Stag card, ask yourself the following questions: are you paying too much attention to logic, and not enough to your gut instincts? Do you sense that something is wrong? Are your blinkers and prejudices preventing you from seeing the situation as it truly is? Are you aware and alert enough to understand the signs and synchronicities around you? How can you become more in tune with your intuition?

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