The Siren

Beautiful, but deadly, the Sirens lure sailors to their deaths on the rocky shores around their island. Said to possess a song so enchanting that no human can resist it, these mermaid-like creatures are also skilled musicians, playing such sweet music that their murderous natures are hidden behind the lust and desire of their victims.

The Siren card represents this lust and desire, heralding sexual attraction, passion and intense sexuality – both the normal, healthy sexual appetite and also the destructive, obsessive and sometimes darkly dangerous excesses to which lust can drive us.

When the Siren card appears in a reading, it foretells an intense physical attraction to someone, which the querent may or may not be able to act upon. For someone already in an established relationship, the Siren may hint at infidelity or a tempestuous attraction which threatens to de-stabilize their existing love. Someone free to act on their desires, however, may welcome the Siren and her song, as she brings the exciting prospect of a new and deeply passionate match.

The Siren never appears without an inherent or implied threat, however. What begins as a lusty, intoxicating passion can quickly degenerate into a manipulative, coercive relationship, or one where either partner will deliberately hurt and damage the other. The Siren represents the kind of relationship where the partners cannot live without each other, but cannot live with each other either – after all, the Siren of myth was fated to die if anyone escaped her enchanted song.

Sometimes the Siren card shows up when a querent is unsure of their own sexuality or entering a phase of sexual exploration. In this instance, the Siren brings reassurance and encouragement. However, the Siren also appears sometimes to warn of twisted or abusive sexual expression, toxic sexuality and situations where sex (or the withholding of it) is used as a weapon.

When you draw the Siren card, ask yourself the following questions: is there an intoxicating relationship in your life – and if so, are you handling it in a healthy, positive manner? Are you irresistibly attracted to someone – and are you willing to take the risks this may involve? Are you blinded by lust or allowing desire to over-rule your sanity? Ore are you embarking on an exciting and passionate journey of sexual discovery?

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