The Scales

Since time immemorial, the Scales have been a symbol of justice. From the ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at and the Roman goddess Justitia, who both carried the Scales, to modern symbolism inside and outside law courts around the world, everyone understands that the Scales weigh evidence in order to reach a just verdict.

The Scales have been important throughout history as a symbol of fairness too. Traders would use Scales to ensure they got a fair deal for their traded goods, while ordinary people used Scales to weigh ingredients, to get just the right balance for their food.

Life is not always black and white or clear cut and simple in terms of right and wrong. The Scales are our reminder that we have to put in the work to come to a fair conclusion, balancing competing interests against each other, or balancing our own time between our competing priorities.

The Scales also teach us about the laws of cause and effect. If we put too much on one side of the balance – too much emphasis on gaining wealth, for example – then we can clearly see that it will be difficult for the other side of the Scales to balance; our family life, or our principles, or whatever else we are weighing against the urge to make money, will suffer. Because of the choices we make. It is always up to us how much we put on each side of the Scales – if our lives are not in balance, we have only ourselves to blame.

This card shows up in a reading when there is some doubt over the right or fair course of action, or to remind us that what we do now will have an effect in the future. If you are waiting for justice of some kind, the Scales are a very good omen and symbolize that the law is on your side. If your life is out of kilter, the Scales are also a welcome sight, holding the promise of a better balance in future.

When you draw the Scales card, ask yourself the following questions: am you being fair in your judgements – of others and of yourself? Is your life in balance or not? Have you caused your current situation? Do you understand the future consequences of your actions? Do you have right on your side?

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