The Phoenix

Resplendent in its shimmering, golden-red, fire colored plumage, the noble Phoenix has the gift of immortality. This majestic, eagle-sized bird lives for several hundred years, before magically setting itself alight to die in the flames of its own making. The reborn Phoenix then emerges from the ashes and flies away to begin a new life cycle – small wonder that this legendary bird has inspired awe and amazement for centuries.

The Phoenix is a potent symbol of rebirth and renewal, able to regenerate itself when it reaches the natural end point of its life. This immortality is something many humans may envy, but we too are capable of psychological and spiritual rebirth and renewal at various points in our lives. However, in order to undergo this transformation, we must first be brave enough to perish in the flames – for all its majesty, the death and rebirth of the Phoenix is not for the faint-hearted.

Because of the flames which ultimately consume it, the Phoenix is also associated with cleansing and purification. The transgressions and misdeeds of one life are burned away during rebirth, leaving the reborn Phoenix free of karmic interference and able to start again with a clear heart and mind.

The Phoenix card appears when it is time for a metaphorical rebirth or renewal in your life. Whatever the circumstances which have led up to this, you will sense that something has to give; a whole new you is needed and you long for a fresh start.

Take the invitation the Phoenix offers, because rebirth and renewal are yours, should you desire them. Be aware, however, that this process is usually not easy. There may be pain, tears and regret, but you must endure those anguishes in order to claim your prize of regeneration and another chance at life.

When the Phoenix card appears, ask yourself the following questions: why do you need a rebirth in your life? From what are you hoping to purify yourself? Are you ready for a renewal, even thought it may be difficult or painful? What will you do with your second chance? Are you truly ready for a part of you to perish, so that another part of you may fly free?

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