The Owl

With its silent nocturnal flight, beautiful face, outstanding senses and supreme hunting abilities, the Owl is one of our most loved and cherished birds.

Many Owls mate for life, sharing an affectionate bond with another Owl through thick and thin. Nesting in its secure tree hole, the Owl is also one of nature’s most devoted parents, rearing and caring for its chicks long after they have fledged. Fiercely protective of its home, the Owl will chase away any intruders while hooting loudly.

The Owl card therefore represents the concepts of home, family, duty and responsibility. Just like the Owl, we humans too are deeply attached to our homes and of course to our loved ones, and we strive to care for and protect them throughout our lives. Sometimes, however, those duties and responsibilities can be onerous even for the best of us; just as the Owl must constantly hunt to feed its family, we too can become exhausted from our efforts.

When the Owl card appears, it reminds us that matters close to home need our attention. There could be domestic issues in play, or a house move or renovation. The Owl card relates to family concerns too, whether it is the care of an elderly parent or concerns over a child.

The Owl card shows us how responsibility can be something to take pride in, even when it wears us down. Sometimes this card appears when we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and seemingly nobody to share the burden. The Owl’s sense of duty is second to none, so drawing this card is an encouragement to do what needs to be done, and to put duty first, ahead of our more selfish wishes.

Long associated with Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, the Owl also represents principles and tradition; upholding the rule of law, sticking to our beliefs and doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing.

When you draw the Owl card, ask yourself the following questions: what or who in your home or family life needs your attention most right now? Are you fulfilling your duties and responsibilities? Have you sacrificed your principles for the sake of an easy life? What can you do to ensure the stability and security of those you love the most?

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