The Orb

The Orb is a ceremonial object, often used in the coronation of sovereigns. A golden, jewel-encrusted globe, it is usually topped by a cross, and is intended to be symbolic of spiritual power on earth.

On being presented with the Orb, a king or queen steps fully into their role of divine power; as such the Orb is a religious icon around the world, representing religious identity and conformity to spiritual rules.

The Orb card presents itself when matters of religion or faith are uppermost in your mind. This card will also appear when your identity is in question, particularly your identity in terms of ‘belonging’ to a group of any kind. We humans have an instinctive need to belong and to be accepted and being an outsider of any kind is painful. The Orb card brings a message of love and inclusivity, and urges you to maintain your own identity, even where society makes this difficult.

Because the Orb is invested with huge spiritual power, this card also symbolizes the need to explore your own religious roots, your personal beliefs and your spiritual values. If you are facing a dark night of the soul, where what you thought you believed is questioned or threatened, the Orb reassures you that you can re-discover faith, whatever that means to you, at any time.

The Orb card represents personal spirituality as well as organized religion. It may appear if you experienced a religious upbringing but are now exploring other ideas, as a reassurance that there are many routes to the divine.

Whether you are an atheist, a spiritual seeker or a firm believer in a particular religion, the Orb card inspires devotion – but not blind devotion. This card encourages faith in something, but who or what that something is will be up to you. It also encourages you to think carefully about how your faith or religion affects your everyday choices, and how it affects others in your orbit too.

Sometimes, the Orb card shows up to remind us that conformity can be oppressive. The Orb advises you to follow the spiritual rules which make sense to you and to your higher self, but it does not imprison you in a conformity which is painful or harmful.

When your draw the Orb card, ask yourself the following questions: is it time for a faith audit of your beliefs and your religion? Have you outgrown some beliefs, or are you seeking a deeper understanding of your faith? Are you searching for something – and could there be a spiritual answer to your quest?

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