The Octopus

The Octopus is one of the most mysterious and fascinating creatures mankind has ever encountered. Supremely intelligent, with brain cells distributed throughout its body, the Octopus is a master of camouflage and escape, able to slip through the tiniest of cracks and perform amazing feats with its eight tentacles.

There is much we still don’t understand about the Octopus, so it’s perhaps not surprising that this tentacled creature has at times been an object of fear and myth beneath the oceans. Ancient sailors believed that the Octopus was a link between one world and another and carried Octopus medallions to ensure a safe passage on their voyage. The Giant Octopus or Kraken however was believed to sink ships at sea and was one of the most feared of all sea monsters.

The Octopus’ associations with crossing between worlds link to its alleged psychic powers and its ability to control minds. Yet the Octopus is also very vulnerable to predatory sharks, whales, eels and dolphins, and must camouflage itself in order to seek safety.

The Octopus card reveals that someone is trying to influence us, or we are trying to influence someone else. This card also speaks to a situation which is not quite what it seems, or where the truth is camouflaged in plain sight. When the Octopus card shows up, we may be vulnerable and in need of safety – conversely, we may be putting someone else in a vulnerable position, either deliberately or accidentally.

The challenge with the Octopus card is to know who is holding the cards, who is pulling the strings, who is influencing who? It’s not always easy to admit that we are manipulating someone else; sometimes, just as the Octopus is both predator and victim, we may make ourselves believe that we are the victim, when in fact we are in control. The camouflage we adopt sometimes fools us, as well as those around us.

When you draw the Octopus card, ask yourself the following questions: are you in control of your situation or is someone trying to influence you? Are you desperate to influence someone else, and if so why? Are you being fooled by your own camouflage – can you see your own motives? Who around you is vulnerable right now, or is it you in a position of vulnerability?

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