The Obelisk

Towering hundreds of feet into the sky, the Obelisk is a focal point for everything around it. Carved from a single piece of granite and with its pyramid shaped top seeming to touch the sky, the Obelisk is synonymous with Ancient Egypt – an awe-inspiring monument which has many symbolic interpretations.

According to legend, the mythical void which existed before the world was created was called chaos – from which word we get our modern definition of chaos. The Obelisk was designed to represent the Benben stone – the stone which emerged from this primordial chaos, and from which all life sprang forth.

The Obelisk therefore symbolizes chaos and chaotic situations. Because it stretches up towards the heavens, it also symbolizes unknown and unknowable influences – the influences of fate, if you like, or the whims of the gods.

Hundreds of Obelisks remain from the ancient Egyptian period, and this towering symbol has also been reproduced in many modern monuments. Because of their great height, Obelisks are frequently subject to lightning strikes – so this card is also associated with sudden, out of the blue change, change which could not have been anticipated and which may be intensely stressful.

Should the Obelisk fall, immense destruction is the result. The consequences of the shock the Obelisk brings can be dramatic indeed. Take comfort, however, from the fact that the Obelisk is remarkably stable for its imposing height. It rarely crumbles.

When the Obelisk card appears in a reading, it almost always brings a warning. Something is happening or about to happen which may be shocking, upsetting, unsettling and chaotic. Expect the unexpected – and don’t be surprised if nothing seems to make sense. Unknown influences are at play, and it is not yet clear how this situation will end.

The Obelisk card is not all bad news, however. While it does herald drama, it also reminds us that things will calm down eventually. All life originated from the Benben stone; what was once – literally – chaos eventually spawned all that we know and love. So, the Obelisk asks you to give the situation time to settle. Frequently, what was unwelcome and shocking change gives way to something better than what was there before.

When you draw the Obelisk, ask yourself the following questions: how are you dealing with shocking, unexpected change? Are you trying to control uncontrollable chaos – would you be better waiting for the situation to calm down? How can you find stability in this uncertain situation, while unknown influences are at play?

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