The New Moon

The New Moon occurs at the moment that the Moon is perfectly captured, between the earth and the Sun. With no sunlight illuminating the Moon, it is a moment of darkness in our skies. In this darkness, the Moon holds limitless potential – she is and she is not, all at once.

During the New Moon, dreams and the subconscious come to the fore. It’s the perfect time for divination, exploring beyond the veil of the present to see into the future or the past. Sometimes during a New Moon, we can see the whole of the lunar disc, faintly and strangely illuminated like a ghostly orb, as earthshine light is reflected from it. It’s there, but not quite there, as we look into the heavens in awe and wonder.

The New Moon is a time of illusion, where anything might be true, or it might not be. The lunar energies in this in-between moment can be what we want them to be, but this elusive, mysterious state of affairs is something of a mixed blessing.

Appearing when all is not quite as it seems, the New Moon card speaks to the power of the imagination. We believe what we want to believe when this card shows up; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Our darkest fears can hold us back when the New Moon card is in play, or our highest but most unrealistic ideals can spur us forward.

Dreams have great meaning when the New Moon card appears, so it’s a good time to start a dream journal. Look for synchronicity in your life too, because strange coincidences are often signs from the cosmos.

Be careful not to get side-tracked by illusions which vanish in the harsh light of day, however. The New Moon is ethereal and magical, but the visions she conjures all too often do not stand up to scrutiny.

On the New Moon card, we see the dark moon faintly outlined by earthshine in a violet sky, close to the towering crags of mysterious, silhouetted mountains. The New Moon’s mysteries are easy to experience but hard to understand.

When you draw the New Moon card, ask yourself the following questions: Are you chasing an illusion? What messages are in your dreams? Is your subconscious trying to tell you something? What are you not seeing?

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