The Mirror

When we look in the Mirror, we see ourselves reflected back at us – the one and only time we can see ourselves truly, as others see us. This unique concept is behind the fascination humankind has always had with mirrors. Pre-history, people probably used pools of water as mirrors, while as long as 6000 years ago the ancients were using polished obsidian stones as mirrors.

The Mirror card represents this self-reflection, enabling us to see ourselves and our actions in a true light, and to learn from our mistakes. Because all that we are today encompasses lessons from our past lives, the Mirror represents these past incarnations too, with all that such understanding has to teach us.

When we see ourselves accurately in the Mirror, we may or may not love what we see. Our lifelong challenge is to get to the point where we do love the person we see in the mirror – flaws and all – because without this self-love, we are never truly free to love another.

A single Mirror cannot lie, and presents us with the unvarnished truth, whether we like it or not. However, as anyone who has ever visited a hall of mirrors will know, the Mirror multiplied can and does lie, showing us illusions, falsehoods and deceitful impressions. When you draw the Mirror card, it’s therefore important to understand whether you are seeing the truth, or only what someone wants you to think is the truth.

On a spiritual level, the Mirror card shows up when we need to enter a period of soul searching. This can be painful and deeply emotional, but we usually emerge from it as better people, more in tune without true selves. Again, however, in order to gain the full benefits from the Mirror, it’s vital to ensure that we are looking only into the single, trustworthy Mirror, not being deceived in the carnival side-show.

When you draw the Mirror card, ask yourself the following questions: what can you learn now through self-reflection? Is it time to learn from your past lives? Are you seeing the truth in the Mirror, or are you trapped in a hall of deceitful mirrors? Are you being truthful, and are others being truthful to you? Would you benefit from a period of soul searching?

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