The Library

From the lost Great Library of Alexandria to today’s modern libraries and archives, the library has always been a place where knowledge is gathered – and can be found by anyone willing to seek it. The precious ancient manuscripts and dusty old books hold within them everything that humankind has learned through the centuries, and the scholars busy working in the Library know that on any given day, they may make another breakthrough in knowledge.

The very first libraries in the world were nothing more than collection of clay tablets; today, much of your knowledge is digitized and held online. Through the centuries of change, however, one thing about the Library has remained a constant: the information you need is there, if you are willing to search hard enough to find it.

The Library card appears when you have a thirst for knowledge or a need to understand something better. This card urges you to start a course of study, to go back to school or to gain a new qualification. You can study formally, or you can work informally towards your own self-improvement; what matters is that you are expanding your knowledge, learning new things and improving your education.

Research in a library can be tricky if you’re not sure where to start. Where exactly, in countless rooms filled with overflowing shelves, should you begin? Where among the thousands of old, leather-bound tomes, will you find that nugget of information you need? Seeking knowledge is not always quick or easy, even today. The Library card therefore reminds you that it pays to take your time and to verify the information you do discover.

On the face of the Library card we see a selection of ancient books arranged on reading tables. Some of them are open, but some of them are chained – a reminder that much knowledge is hidden, either within us or deliberately obscured by others.

The Library is open whenever you need it to be. Nobody can prevent you from seeking knowledge or bettering yourself, but sometimes the knowledge we carry from past lives or painful past experiences is locked deep within; sometimes, you have to be brave enough to unlock that book and to decipher its secrets.

When you draw the Library card, ask yourself the following questions: what do you need to learn? Would you benefit from formal study? It is time to gain new skills or qualifications? Are you drawn to researching hidden knowledge?

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