The Key

The heavy iron Key feels important in your hand. Ornately decorated, it has clearly been designed to open something very significant indeed – but what? What is locked away, protected by this Key, available only to those who can turn it in the lock?

Those who hold the Key to a locked door hold tremendous power and are able to release the potential which others cannot. The Key represents the skills, talents and abilities which lie within you, waiting to be used. Nobody else can release them, only you. You alone hold the Key which unlocks your own potential – the question is, are you ready to use it?

The Key card shows up to remind you of the untapped resources you still hold – the skills you might not even know you have. Often, the Key appears when a situation appears to be discouraging, and then this card is a sign of hope – a signal that you can overcome your problem simply by using your own abilities.

If you are considering training or education, the Key is a very good omen, promising that success will come from your efforts to better yourself. The Key also appears when a hobby has the potential to turn into a lucrative form of income – something you love doing, a talent you have already developed, could bring you plenty of money as well as much joy.

The Key is often related to business, education, training or finance matters, but on a more personal level it can also refer to your inner potential to overcome emotional difficulties. If you are going through turmoil, the Key appears when you are ready to seek counseling, therapy or self-help which will unlock your healing process.

If you are stuck in a rut and the Key card shows up in your reading, you are invited to explore your own potential much more carefully. Try something new. Switch directions in your job path, gain a new qualification. Learn a language, a craft, a musical instrument – anything which unlocks the skills and abilities which lie deep within you. The Key is always a reminder that you are so much more capable than you realize.

When you draw the Key card, ask yourself the following questions: what skills would you like to develop and how can you make that happen? Do you have an under-used talent or ability which brings you joy but is not used in your job? Can you develop this into a side-income stream or a new business? What is your inner potential?

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