The Griffin

The Griffin is a huge, majestic beast, with the head, wings and talons of an eagle and the body and hind legs of a lion. Since the lion is the king of the beasts and the eagle is the king of the birds, the Griffin is revered for its power and authority. Known to fiercely protect royalty and their treasures, the Griffin also embodies courage and strength.

Griffin lore was once widespread across ancient Greece, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and parts of Asia. Alexander the Great adopted the Griffin as his symbol, and these incredible beasts were often carved into tombs and temples as a sign of protection.

Nesting high in the mountains, Griffins could see the world from high above; when needed on the ground to protect kings or empires, the Griffin would swoop down from the heights and fight ferociously on the ground, defending the status quo with all of its considerable might.

The Griffin card appears when issues about authority or power are on your mind. The Griffin represents the powers-that-be, however they currently manifest in your life. He invites you to step into your own role as leader or father figure (regardless of your gender) and reminds you that with great power comes great responsibility.

If you are under threat, the Griffin card also boosts your courage and urges you to stand firm in your power, protecting what matters most to you at all costs.

When you are in conflict with authority, the Griffin is a reminder of how tough it can be to stand up against society’s institutions and structures. The powers-that-be will fight you and your road will not be easy, but you have more innate power and strength of your own than you realize. Have courage in your quest, and do not back down.

On the face of the Griffin card, this majestic beast is in statue form, stern, imposing and immovable, guarding the entrance to an important building. Whether you are on the inside, relying on his protection, or on the outside, trying to force change, the Griffin’s immense power and authority is a thing to behold.

When you draw the Griffin card, ask yourself the following questions: is it time for you to step into your own authority? Can you find the courage deep within to continue a fight which is important to you? If you are challenging the status quo, do you have right on your side?

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