The Goddess

As maiden, mother, crone or warrior, the Goddess embodies femininity in all of its diverse and powerful facets. The Goddess goes by many names in many places - she is Isis, goddess of magic and divination; she is Aphrodite, goddess of love and pleasure; she is Kali, the wild goddess of time, destruction and death; she is Gaia, Mother Earth and Mother Nature. The Goddess is all of these and more, a representation of the divine feminine which calls to us instinctively and which holds great spiritual power.

The Goddess appears when there is a need for spiritual guidance, feminine power or a re-connection with the natural world. She offers wisdom, compassion and solace, but she also drives change, rights wrongs, empowers confidence and sows creativity and birth. Whatever your gender, the Goddess speaks to the feminine side of your nature, urging you to get more in touch with this spark of divinity and to heed its messages in your psyche.

The way the Goddess appears to you will depend upon your needs at the time. If you need bravery and sacred wrath, you will find Kali in your corner, urging you onwards. If you need peace, solitude and a greater sense of connection to the world, Gaia will show you how time spent in nature can heal your disconnect and your painful heart.

If you are disenchanted with the world, hurt and betrayed, lonely or distressed, Aphrodite will channel faith in human nature, trust, love and romance. When you seek spiritual wisdom, insight and guidance, the Goddess card puts you in the presence of Isis, with all of her spiritual power. Other needs will call forth other manifestations of the Goddess, to bring you precisely what you need at the time – even when this is very different to what you might want.

When you draw the Goddess card, ask yourself the following questions: what is your deepest spiritual need at this time? Are you in touch with your divine feminine? Are you disconnected from the natural world around you? Would you benefit from working with nature, exploring divination, understanding magic or engaging in a spiritual battle for right against wrong? What gifts does the Goddess want to offer you at this time in your life, and how can you best use those gifts?

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