The Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon is an exciting moment in the lunar cycle. In our sky, the Moon is three quarters illuminated, almost but not quite full. Within days, the potent Full Moon will bathe us in its light, but for now, the sense of optimism and hope is palpable.

There’s a tremendous energy associated with the Gibbous Moon. Nothing, but nothing, can prevent this Moon’s onward journey. We associate this stage of the lunar cycle with willpower and sheer determination – no matter what obstacles we may face, nothing can stand in our way at this point.

If you are almost, but not quite at your goal, the Gibbous Moon card is a very welcome sight. It’s natural to feel stressed or impatient when what you want is so near, yet so far – the Gibbous Moon reminds us to have faith in ourselves, and to hang on in there. We are much closer than we realize to our dreamed of destination.

The Gibbous Moon also represents re-evaluation and refinement. Having come this far in your journey towards your goal, you have almost certainly made some mistakes along the way – who hasn’t? In this natural moment of pause before the Full Moon, you have a chance to reflect on what has gone wrong and what has gone right – you can refine your direction now, if necessary, and fine tune your plans ahead of the final push.

When the Gibbous Moon card shows up, its message is always positive. However near or far you feel you are from what you want, you have the willpower and the skill to get there – and sooner than you think. Maintain your hope and your optimism at all times, because these qualities themselves will help you to manifest the future you want.

On the face of the Gibbous Moon card, we look upwards through a circle of treetops to glimpse this glorious, nearly full Moon. Even when we feel surrounded by obstacles, or encircled by circumstances, the Gibbous Moon is a sign of hope and an encouragement to keep going.

When you draw the Gibbous Moon card, ask yourself the following questions: what one thing can I do now to push myself or my project towards completion? What have I learned on my journey this far? How can I maintain my optimism, and direct it towards my goals?

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