The Fountain

Fountains delight and enchant us the world over. From ancient classical Roman masterpieces like the Trevi Fountain to modern, state of the art, computer-controlled fountain displays, there is something about the artistic flow of water which captivates us for its beauty and its refreshing, life-giving vitality.

Whether simple or complex, all Fountains are symbolically associated with the creation of life. Whether the water jets high into the air or tumbles across rocks, the movement and sound of the dancing water as it catches the light can be truly magical.

It’s easy to see why an exuberant burst of water seemingly from nowhere came to symbolize birth and fertility. Where the ever-moving water spills over rocks or over the edge of the Fountain itself, it reminds us also of abundance, and of our own blessings which frequently overflow – even when we don’t realize how lucky we are.

The Fountain card appears when the creative urge is strong, whether that’s the urge to have children or simply the urge to create art, crafts, business opportunities or love. When the Fountain shows up, the message is that it’s a fertile time for just about anything – the moment is ripe to give birth to new projects, new romance and new ideas, as well as to literally conceive new life.

Drawing the Fountain card shows that your blessings have increased or are about to increase. If you are hoping to expand your family, the Fountain speaks to birth, but also adoption or the addition of new children via a blended family, or the welcoming of a new animal companion into the family.

The Fountain card is also an encouragement when you’re facing a creative block of some kind. Stick with it, because sooner or later this blockage will clear, and your creative Fountain will erupt once more with fresh ideas and new abundance.

When the Fountain appears in your reading, ask yourself the following questions: is there something you’re trying to conceive – literally or metaphorically? Is it time to give birth to your ideas; to turn them into action rather than “just” thoughts? What new blessings are coming into your life at this time, and how can you give thanks for this? Are you making full use of this creative, fertile period in your life?

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