The Eclipse

Our ancient ancestors watched in awe as the sun was swallowed up in the sky, plunging them into an eerie and terrifying darkness. Imagine their relief when a moment or two later the life-giving sun began to re-emerge from its captor – small wonder that the Eclipse was a phenomenon both feared and revered across the world.

Skilled in astronomy, astrology and celestial observation, ancient civilizations quickly learned that eclipses come in cycles and can be predicted ahead of time. Eclipses heralded wars and catastrophes, the birth and death of kings, the rise and fall of empires. In this way, the Eclipse came to symbolize both endings and beginnings – a celestial marker of great epochs and significant moments in the cycles of time.

Still today, the wonder of an Eclipse is a magical thing to witness in our skies. Despite our modern understanding of the astronomical science behind it, we have never lost the sense of awe these events inspire. Witnessing an Eclipse stirs a deep bond between us and our ancient past, which touches and moves even the hardest heart.

The natural rhythm of the Eclipse cycle has much to teach us. The fact that the sun always does return to us, only to always eventually disappear again, is a powerful reminder that every ending is also a beginning – and that every beginning will also face an end.

The Eclipse card shows up when we are facing an ending or a beginning in our own lives. Often, this is a shock, and probably an unwelcome one at that. However, drawing the Eclipse card is also a reassurance – what is about to happen is part of your lifetime cycle. The ending or beginning ahead cannot be prevented but you will cope. Your moment of darkness will end, and you too will feel the relief as the sun re-emerges into your life, bringing new light and new hope.

On the Eclipse card, we see the Eclipse at totality over a valley, bathing the dwellings and the watching crowds in sacred darkness. There is a sense of expectancy, as people wait for that sign of hope.

When you draw the Eclipse card, ask yourself the following questions: what is about to end in your life? What is about to begin? How can you let go of your fear of this event?

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