The Crystal

Glittering gems, stones and rock crystals have captivated humankind for thousands of years. Our precious planet contains hundreds of different types of crystals, each of which has its own metaphysical properties and vibrations. As light dances and reflects from the Crystal, its beauty is even more apparent, and its iridescent surface seems to be all things to all people.

The Crystal was born beneath our feet, molded and shaped by the earth’s own energies, packed with a spiritual resonance which we can sense on a highly intuitive level. Crystals have long been associated with divination, healing and spiritual power; in many ways the Crystal seems to represent our bond with the cosmos – mysterious, powerful and energizing, the Crystal invites us to get in touch with our inner mystic.

The Crystal card represents your spiritual awakening – a journey of discovery and illumination with many twists and turns along the way, as you gradually discover your own connection to divine source energy and your spiritual place in the cosmos.

When the Crystal card shows up in your reading, you are invited to consider how far along this journey you currently are, and where you are heading. The Crystal card may usher in spiritual encounters, weird experiences, mystical dreams or strange synchronicities – when you draw this card, you are walking the fringes between what we currently understand and what we can only marvel at.

Because of the way the Crystal reflects and refracts light, it is also connected with vision, ideas and imagination. A mundane or boring task, when energized by the rays of the Crystal, can become much more meaningful, imbued with purpose, or even transformed into something else entirely. We are limited only by what we can see within the Crystal and its depths.

When you draw the Crystal card, ask yourself the following questions: are you going through a significant phase in your spiritual awakening journey? Do you need to start paying more attention to your higher self, your level of consciousness and your divine spark? Are you seeking inspiration, new ideas or a new way of looking at an old problem? How can the shimmer and sparkle of the Crystal aid you? Can it take your understanding to a whole new high, or show you a new spiritual path to explore?

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