The Crown

The Crown, symbol of royal power throughout the centuries, represents the divine authority of anointed kings and queens. It also symbolizes your own divine spark – and the efforts you must make to wield your divine power wisely.

As you wear your Crown, its glorious, gilded weight on your head is a constant reminder of the ethical and moral responsibilities you have. “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,” wrote Shakespeare – and indeed, doing the right thing is often not easy. Kings and queens throughout history have faced decisions which impacted hundreds of thousands of lives; your own decisions may be less historic, but your moral and ethical choices still have ripple effects in your own life and in the lives of those you love, live with, work with and share your community with.

Your Crown can be the most ornate, rich and beautiful in the world, but its jewels and gold will be dimmed and destroyed if you act immorally or fail to live up to the ethical burdens placed upon each of us.

The Crown card shows up when moral issues are in play, when you face an ethical dilemma or when you need to tap into your own divine wisdom in order to know what best to do.

Ethics and morality are extremely complex. Often, what appears to be a simple, black or white, right or wrong choice is much more nuanced. What seems morally obvious to one person may seem immoral to another. Many of us live governed by ethical and moral codes either of our own making or handed to us via our religious traditions. Ultimately, however, your wisdom will drive you to do what feels right in your heart, even on occasions when that may contradict what you think you “ought” to do.

On the face of the Crown card, we see a seated king in all his finery, wearing a beautiful crown. He holds our gaze steadily, clearly deep in thought as if weighing up a course of action. What the king does next will impact on the lives around him, just as your choice will impact on others when you draw the Crown card.

When the Crown card shows up in your reading, ask yourself the following questions: what ethical or moral dilemma am you facing? Do you really understand what is right and what is wrong in this situation? What would wiser heads counsel? What does your own divine wisdom tell you?

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