The Compass

The Compass must surely rank among humankind’s greatest inventions. First found in ancient China around 200 B.C., the Compass paved the way for every great exploration which followed, leading us to every corner of the earth and seeing us safely home again.

For travelers through the ages, the Compass has been a trusted navigator. Once the Compass needle settles pointing north, we can instantly know where south, east and west are, and from there, we can find out way ahead in increasing levels of detail and accuracy.

The Compass represents path finding and our life’s journeys, both literal and metaphorical. We all have an inner Compass which points to right and wrong, rather than north and south. Navigating your way to your true calling and your ideal path can be trickier, however – a spiritual Compass may spin wildly for some time before your eventual destination becomes clear.

You may be in need of direction and focus when the Compass shows up, or you may be failing to pay attention to your own inner Compass. If you are already following your calling, the Compass urges you to become a way-shower for those who are still seeking.

In terms of adventure, the Compass card also points to new experiences and fresh horizons, urging us to break free of self-imposed limits and artificial comfort zones. The Compass can therefore be a very inspiring card to draw, offering reassurance that it’s OK to deviate from the path laid before you, and to find your own way through life.

If you are seeking your true calling, the Compass card urges a period of exploration. It’s time to try out different options, to see what fits. The Compass card brings an invitation to experiment and to follow diversions – you cannot know what your one true path will be unless you have spent plenty of time exploring other routes first. You cannot discount that which you have not yet experienced.

When you draw the Compass card, ask yourself the following questions: Are you listening to your own inner compass, or are you ignoring its directions? Do you need to explore other options before you can settle on a final choice? Are you stuck in a rut, needing to break out of your comfort zone? If you are already settled on your life path, can you be a way-shower for others?

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