The Clover

Prized by the ancient Celtic Druids as having mystical powers, the Clover has a long history as a treasured plant. Clover has three leaves, one each to represent faith, hope and love, so the story goes – but, very rarely, a Clover plant will produce four leaves, with the extra leaf representing luck.

Although searching for a four-leaved Clover is a popular tradition, legend has it that the Clover’s full good luck powers only come true if it is found by accident. For this reason, the Clover card represents a stroke of good fortune which comes out of the blue – a happy surprise, serendipity in action.

Carrying a four-leaved clover is said to be an exceptionally lucky charm. It also grants one the ability to see and avoid fairies – and since the fairies in question can be dangerous, mischievous beings, this in itself is a form of luck.

When the Clover card appears, you can expect good luck in your life. Sometimes the Clover card appears when a golden opportunity presents itself to you; sometimes it’s simply a case of being in the right place at the right time for a happy coincidence to occur.

Spiritually, however, there is no such thing as coincidence. The Clover card speaks of synchronicity and about how we can make our own luck. What someone might call ‘lucky’ is often a result brought about indirectly by their own efforts and hard work, so it’s important not to under-estimate your own abilities to manifest luck and good fortune.

The Clover card encourages you to seize any opportunities you find and to capitalize – quickly – on any good luck which comes your way. Don’t dither or wait to see if even better luck comes along; the Clover is easily damaged and destroyed by those who are greedy.

When you draw the Clover card, ask yourself the following questions: have you been presented with a stroke of luck or a golden opportunity? How quickly are you prepared to act upon it? How can you create your own luck without waiting for a happy serendipity? Do you know how to interpret synchronicities and signs so that you can see the opportunities fate is putting in your path?

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