The Chalice

Ornate, jeweled chalices have always been among the most treasured possessions of royalty, nobility and wealthy families through the ages. Typically made of gold, silver or pewter, these stylized drinking vessels symbolize financial matters, wealth and material success.

Only the richest and most successful lords of old would have had chalices on their tables. The transactions they pursued to obtain their wealth may or may not have been morally sound; what mattered to them was the end result – the riches, the glory, the power.

In our modern times too, the Chalice card shows up when material and financial matters are in play. Usually, this card is a good omen for money and finances, showing successful business transaction, excellent productivity and a great flair for business.

If you are struggling financially, the Chalice card is a very welcome sight in any reading. It points to a direct improvement in your material wellbeing, not to mention your bank balance. This improvement comes from your own hard work, side income streams or business activities, not from luck or chance. When the Chalice card appears, you are creating your own luck.

However, the Chalice also speaks to all manner of things which we value, including those things in life which we typically under-value. Chief among these is often our own talents and abilities. The Chalice is associated with self-worth and self-belief, and how we should value our own inherent gifts as much as we value our money.

For this reason, as well as being a good omen for money and business, the Chalice is also a welcome card if you are struggling with poor self-esteem, or self-doubt. This card brings reassurance that there is much more within you which should be valued. You are much more talented than you know when the Chalice card appears in your reading – look within yourself to reveal these hidden or overlooked talents, which in turn can increase your material and financial wealth and stability.

When you draw the Chalice card, ask yourself the following questions: what can you do right now to improve your money situation and your material wealth? What new business ideas do you have? How can you improve your productivity? Are you undervaluing your self-worth and your under-used talents and abilities? What are some new ways in which you could diversify your income streams?

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