The Broken Wand

The Wand – an eternal symbol of magical power – has been broken, How did this happen? Did someone you trust do this deliberately, to weaken your power and render you vulnerable? Did you accidentally do it yourself, having innocently blundered into a situation where you should not have been? Or did you break it on purpose, to prevent it from being used against you.

However it happened, the Broken Wand represents a warning. The power that you have can all too easily be taken away from you.

Often, the Broken Wand card appears when you are being naïve, innocent, and far too trusting. The Broken Wand is a reminder that sadly, not everyone is on your side. This card warns you to be more private and more discreet with the information you share, lest it be used against you.

There is a lot to be said for being trusting, open and honest, but sometimes people will use these qualities against you. When the Broken Wand appears, think carefully about the motives of those you know. It may be time for you to face some harsh realities.

The Broken Wand card also appears when someone is lying to you or hiding something from you. By withholding the truth, they are effectively taking away your power of self-determination as surely as if they really had broken your wand. Deception is never far away when the Broken Wand shows up in a reading. In your heart, you may not want to know that someone is deceiving you, because this is painful information – but this card urges you to confront life as it is, not as you wish it were.

Although it is a warning, the Broken Wand card is not all bad news. The Wand is not the only tool at your disposal. You can overcome this deceitful situation through sheer force of will, strength of character, or by using your higher intuition and your innate resilience. They may have ruined your Wand, but they cannot and have not taken your inner essence.

When you draw the Broken Wand card, ask yourself the following questions: who is lying? Have you put your trust in the wrong people? Are you being overly naïve or too open and transparent? If someone is hiding something from you, are you willing to discover the real truth – even if it hurts?

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