The Bow And Arrow

The Bow and Arrow were among the earliest weapons humankind adopted – even some of the oldest cave paintings ever found show early hunters perfecting their skills with this weapon. Legends and lore are also full of tales of archery, as skilled archers competed with one another, often to gain a favored maiden’s hand.

The Bow and Arrow have therefore come to symbolize victory and success. Even today, we say someone is ‘right on target’ when they are performing well. In our ancient past, skill with the Bow was something your life may have depended upon; today, skill with the metaphorical Bow is still something which brings a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Hand in hand with victory, however, goes a certain level of arrogance. Important archers of the past became idols and celebrities in their own right, and this card does hint at an attitude problem.

Archers had to think on their feet – when you are under attack, or your tribe’s next meal is about to flee, there is no time to plan. The Bow and Arrow is therefore also synonymous with assertion, taking charge and acting on instinct. The eye of the archer is excellent, and when you draw this card you can be sure that you will be blessed with penetrating insight into the heart of the matter in question.

When the Bow and Arrow card shows up in a reading, it can be an extremely good omen. If you draw this card while you are engaged in a competition of some kind – a job interview, perhaps – then it assures a strong performance and eventual victory.

The Bow and Arrow also appears when there is a need to act quickly and decisively. This card encourages you to act immediately, but with targeted precision. Be assertive, take charge, create your own luck.

Occasionally, the Bow and Arrow warns you to watch your attitude, as there is a fine line between assertion and arrogance. However, the card does reassure you that you have understood what is needed – the keen eye of the archer is yours to command, and if you aim carefully and fire with confidence, you will achieve what you desire.

When you draw the Bow and Arrow card, ask yourself the following questions: where and how in life do you need to assert yourself? What is the heart of the matter; what do you need to aim at? Are you overstepping the mark into arrogance, or is your self-confidence justified?

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