The Alchemist

In his medieval laboratory, the Alchemist intently watches a bubbling liquid, occasionally scribbling down strange symbols in he leather notebook. Surrounded by strange powders, weighing scales, mechanical devices and esoteric books, he is trying to transform matter from one state to another.

The Alchemist’s eternal study aims to transform base metals to gold, to develop cure-alls for mankind’s illnesses, and to discover the elixir of eternal life itself. Steeped in mystical wisdom, he knows that all of these things are possible – and by extension, that deep transformation is necessary for us as humans too.

Such transformation may come literally, as we depart this life and become spirit bodies, or it may occur during this lifetime, as we encounter and navigate paradigm shifts in our own beliefs and shifts in our phases of life. Eventually, these experiences lead to an understanding of our own divine immortality.

The Alchemist card turns up when deeply esoteric matters like these are making themselves known in our everyday lives. Typically, you will be stuck at this time, blocked and seeking answers of some kind – answers which can only come once you stop routine thinking and instead embrace the Alchemist, ready to shift to a new level of understanding and to switch paradigms.

Deep transformations of the Alchemist kind are never easy and rarely painless. In order to shift phases, we have to first let go of what has outlived its purpose in our lives – and then we have to be ready to take on something new, something which we barely understand and cannot yet trust. Expect some very deep emotions when you draw the Alchemist card. Achieving understanding of immortality can be a very long and sometimes tortuous road.

Whether it’s a life-changing moment of sudden realization or a slow process of changing ideas, beliefs and understanding, the Alchemist card requires you to think beyond the box. Don’t be afraid to explore strange or weird ideas when this card appears. The Alchemist is commonly mocked for her work – but something deep within us knows that she will eventually have the last laugh.

When you draw the Alchemist card, ask yourself the following questions: what outdated beliefs or values do you need to lose, in order to move forwards? What can you do to encourage the breakthrough moment of a true paradigm shift? What needs to transform in your current life?

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