Ship In A Bottle

After countless hours of intricate work, the master craftsman’s moment has arrived. He slides the ship’s hull through the neck of the bottle and then, gently pulling on a couple of carefully hidden threads, he raises the sails and puts the stopper back into the bottle. The Ship in the Bottle is complete – a gloriously detailed, seemingly impossible accomplishment, and a marvel for all to see.

It takes steady hands and an even steadier nerve to complete a Ship in a Bottle. This is not a job which can be rushed, and it’s a skill which may take years to learn, let alone to master. The end result is something beautiful and intriguing to look at but not necessarily very useful – the Ship in a Bottle rejoices in accomplishment for its own sake, not only as a means to an end.

The Ship in a Bottle card appears to congratulate you on your own accomplishment, often against the odds, where you have completed something difficult, time consuming and complex. This card is a celebration of what can be achieved with determination, patience mastery of skill, self-control and attention to detail.

If you are finding a new skill difficult, or perhaps struggling with a course of study, the Shop in a Bottle is a reminder that practice makes perfect. You cannot expect outstanding results when you’re a novice or a beginner – but your improvement over time is something worth praising.

The Ship in a Bottle card also appears where you are tempted to rush through a job and settle for a ‘good enough’ outcome. That’s always possible, but this card shows how much better you could do if you slow down, take your time, and pay attention to every last element of the job in hand. It’s a plea for perfection against a slap-dash, hurried approach.

When you draw the Ship in a Bottle card, ask yourself the following questions: are you giving yourself enough credit for your recent accomplishments? Do you need to slow down and pay more attention to detail? Would you get better results if you focus on quality over speed or quantity? Is there a skill you’re struggling with, which would benefit from more practice and patience?

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