The sky darkens, thunder crashes overhead, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a Lightning bolt streaks across the sky, illuminating everything in its bath for a brief second. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, Lightning never passes unnoticed – this most spectacular of nature’s phenomena demands that we pay attention.

Associated with Uranus, the astrological planet of innovation, invention and rebellion, Lightning comes out of the blue, with no warning of where it will strike or what path its jagged power will take through the sky. The interventions of the Lightning card can be just as unpredictable – genius ideas are by their very nature difficult to pin down – but it’s important to allow for the power of lateral thinking.

The Lightning card appears when such out of the blue intervention is needed in life – when we need a breakthrough against a situation or when a flash of inspiration will suddenly illuminate a difficult problem. As such, the Lightning card is usually a welcome sight, especially when difficulties have endured for ages. It is effectively a get out of jail card, a promise that the stalemate will be broken and there is a solution ahead.

Sometimes the Lightning card appears when a wakeup call is needed too. There may be a situation which you’re fully aware of but trying to ignore. If you have your head buried in the sand, a Lightning strike is what is needed to force you to sit up and pay attention. Such wakeup calls can be shocking or even distressing, but they act for our benefit in the long run.

Where you are facing limitations in life – perhaps through health problems, lack of money or lack of opportunity – the Lightning card is a sign of hope. With just the right push at just the right time, you can find a way out of your situation, and over the limitations imposed upon you. You can make your own luck; all you need is the flash of insight the Lightning card brings.

When you draw the Lightning card, ask yourself the following questions: where do you need a breakthrough? For what are you seeking inspiration? Is there a wakeup call going on in your life right now? If you are facing limitations, do you have faith that you will overcome them at the right moment?

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