Last Quarter Moon

During the Last Quarter Moon, the lunar disc, although three quarters illuminated, is fading quickly. The magic of the Full Moon has passed, and as the moonlight dwindles, we will soon reach the stillness and darkness of the true New Moon.

As we watch the lunar surface gradually becoming darker and darker, it feels as though part of the Moon is being lost. We have no choice but allow that to happen. Even though we know deep down that the moonlight will return, it’s not hard to imagine the angst and worry that the fading Moon would have inspired in our ancient ancestors.

Abandoning themselves to the will of the celestial cycle, ancient peoples understood the Last Quarter Moon as a time of letting go. This lunar phase is also a time for forgiveness – it’s not healthy to allow grudges and grievances to carry over into a new Moon phase, so now is the time to forgive others; more crucially, now is also the time to forgive yourself.

Only through this forgiveness and letting go can we reach a point of serenity when the Moon soon vanishes from view altogether.

The Last Quarter Moon card shows up when we are holding onto something for too long, unwilling to let go, or unwilling to forgive. This card is a reminder that you are only harming yourself by holding onto anger or pain. It doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t change anything. Allow it to fade with the light of the Last Quarter Moon.

Sometimes, the Last Quarter Moon card also appears when we are in a moment of limbo or suspension. It’s not the right time to start something new, but it’s also not a moment of completion. We’re a little bit stuck during this lunar phase, waiting for something which seems permanently just around the corner. The Last Quarter Moon card encourages us to use this period of suspension wisely for self-care and rest. Embrace it, rather than fighting it.

When you draw the Last Quarter Moon card, ask yourself the following questions: who do you need to forgive and why are you finding that so hard? Who or what do you need to let go of at this time? If you are in a period of suspension, can you find a healthful way of alleviating your frustration?

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