Fork In The Road

Life is a perpetual series of choices and decisions, hundreds of them on a daily basis – some of them almost unconsciously made, some of them agonized over for months or even years. Every so often, however, we face a deciding moment in life: a fork in the road, where each route looks identical.

The Fork in the Road card represents this moment of dilemma. Each of the two roads ahead looks equally appealing or unappealing, depending on our circumstances. There is nothing obvious to distinguish between them. We cannot really make this decision based on logic, because there is nothing to be logical about – we simply cannot know what lies around the bend on either path.

Sometimes we might have an inkling about which path leads where, but these are just our best guesses. Everything we most desire could lie just out of sight down one path or the other – or perhaps down neither.

The Fork in the Road card shows up when there is a definitive choice to be made, between one option or the other, and when it is not obvious which choice would be the best bet. It is a frustrating and sometimes alarming position to be in.

The truth is, however, that opportunity lies ahead down both paths, in different ways. Each path will be what we make of it. Whichever path we choose, we will be OK. The only way in which we won’t be OK is if we spend so long dithering over this choice that fate, life and circumstances intervene and force us down a route instead of giving us the luxury of choice.

Inherent in any choice of this nature is also the notion of sacrifice. There will always be a path we did not choose, and we will forever sacrifice whatever experiences may have awaited us on that route. The Fork in the Road card also shows up when we know what we will miss out on by making a particular choice, but we are willing to make that sacrifice for whatever reason. It also appears when we are constantly second guessing our previous choice.

When the Fork in the Road card appears, ask yourself the following questions: why can’t you choose between these two options? What will you be sacrificing if you choose this one? What can you do to stop second guessing yourself?

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