First Quarter Moon

The rhythm of the lunar cycle has enchanted and influenced humankind throughout the ages. The First Quarter Moon always looks dramatic, with exactly half of the Moon’s face illuminated in our night sky. We sense that we are on a journey when we see the First Quarter Moon. Something has begun but has not yet completed. Half-way between a New Moon and Full Moon, this lunar phase is associated with action and energy.

This is a time when ideas come to life, and when you can take the first concrete steps towards a cherished intention, dream or goal. Because the lunar light is still growing, you have time for some false starts – it’s OK to make mistakes, because you will learn from them during this lunar phase.

Regardless of the actual lunar phase on the day you pull the First Quarter Moon card, you are experiencing new excitement about your destination and you are inspired to take steps towards making your goal a reality. Seeing this card is a reminder to stay solution focused – sure, you may have some setbacks, but keep looking for a way through, around, over, under or beyond whatever stands in your way.

The First Quarter Moon card also represents logic and analysis, as you test different methods of getting to where you want to go, working out the best way from A to B. This card endows you with a can-do approach to whatever you are facing, and the will to get projects underway, off the ground and on their path to fulfilment.

On the face of the First Quarter Moon card, we see the First Quarter Moon shining through a window onto a desk filled with technical drawings, plans and architect’s tools. Plans are afoot on the face of this card, and something is being built out of pure imagination and will.

When you consider the First Quarter Moon card, ask yourself the following questions: What do you need to do right now to move your intentions forwards? Think about tiny positive steps as well as large leaps of progress. If you’ve hit an obstacle, how can lateral thinking help you get moving again? If you’ve made a mistake, what can you learn from it? The key message is that you must act now, so keep your plans, intentions and dreams at the forefront of your mind.

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