It is said that the mastery of Fire was the major breakthrough which allowed our ancient ancestors to develop more advanced civilizations. With Fire, humankind suddenly gained the power to create new foods and to keep themselves warm, to ward off wild animals and to light the darkness. Yet Fire was to prove a destructive force as well as a creative and constructive one – for Fire can burn, injure, kill and destroy at will.

Spiritually and astrologically, the Fire element is linked to ambition, bravery, enthusiasm, boldness and creativity. From a single spark, we can conjure a roaring inferno of passion and drive. Nothing can stand in Fire’s path once the flames have taken hold.

And yet, just as with Fire throughout history, there is a downside to having too much Fire in your life. Fire is hard to control; what starts as a well-tended hearth can quickly escalate until your entire home is destroyed. We see this with the Fire element too. An excess of ambition, passion, drive or boldness can quickly become an all-consuming anger or rage.

The Fire card shows up at both of these extremes. You may draw this card when you need an injection of creativity and ambition in your life; seeing the Fire card can be your ‘go ahead’ moment. Alternatively, this card can appear when your own fire is threatening to burn the house down – the Fire card can bring a message to tone down the flames and to reign back over-the-top ambition or behavior.

As with all of the elements, a balance of Fire is necessary for a happy, successful, fulfilled life. We all need enough Fire to drive forwards our passions and to ignite creative ideas and joyful encounters; none of us benefit from too much Fire creating constant aggression, arguments and out of control instincts.

When you draw the Fire card, you will need to consider which end of the scale you are currently at. Ask yourself the following questions: do you need to be more ambitious in life? Are you holding back your creativity? Are you taking enough chances? Or are you harming others with your temper, becoming too obsessed with a goal or trampling over other people’s wishes in your desire to get ahead? Do you need more Fire, or less?

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