Earth is the ground beneath our feet – the island in a tempestuous ocean, the stability which withstands the whirlwind, the cool solidity which endures after fire. Of all of the elements, it is Earth which survives the worst the others can conjure. Resilient, unbroken, permanent, the Earth provides the land on which we build our homes and our lives, and it provides the soil from which we grow our food.

This is why, astrologically and spiritually, Earth symbolizes strength, self-control, permanence, and stability. The Earth element is what grounds and centers us, stabilizing emotions, calming fears, offering security and a safe base from which to explore and grow.

The Earth card appears when strength is needed to endure a difficult situation, providing reassurance that this too shall pass, and that eventually, we will overcome. The Earth card also shows up when it’s important to stay calm and to bite your lip – this card urges you to dig deep and to show self-control, rather than reacting in anger or giving in to impulsive thoughts.

When you need to be or to find a voice of calm experience in the midst of a crisis, the Earth card is a very welcome sight. Here is common sense in abundance; here is leadership. Here is methodical planning, here is the ability to hunker down and get on with what needs to be done.

Because of its association with resilience, the Earth card reminds us that we are stronger than we think. It is also a reminder that strength comes in many different forms – yes, the card refers to traditional physical strength, but it also refers to the incredible mental resilience of someone who is being ground down by life but yet still maintains hope. Earth is the struggling survivor who still holds their head up high and wears their scars with pride.

When you draw the Earth card, ask yourself the following questions: where do you need to show the greatest strength in your current situation? Are you truly in control of your emotions or are you allowing them to rule your reactions? Do you need to calm down and to take things more cautiously? Are you giving yourself enough credit for all that you have endured so far? Do you know how to ground and center yourself?

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