Air is a very mysterious element. Most of the time we don’t even notice it, yet all air-breathing creatures would quickly die without it. It is the breath of life itself, and yet it is invisible to us.

Spiritually and astrologically, Air symbolizes spirituality – the unseen, unknowable consciousness which connects us all. In contrast to Water and the turbulent depths of our emotions, Air also symbolizes the power of thought, ideas and rationality, soaring like a kite above the earth and into the heavens. The Air element is connected to communication because our words are spoken into the air and carried on the breeze; once spoken, they cannot be held back.

The Air card appears in a reading to encourage original thought, innovation, invention, ideas, intelligence and reason. When the Air card is in play, there is a need to communicate and to share thoughts and suggestions; there is also a need to contribute to the collective wholeness of humanity.

Like all of the elements, we all need a decent amount of Air qualities in order to thrive. Who doesn’t love the gentle summer breeze, the leaves whispering in the trees, the joyful balloon bobbing in the air? And yet, too much Air is not a good thing. Air can be a very destructive element at times; we only have to think of the damage done by a hurricane or tornado to understand what happens when the Air element goes rogue.

Although the Air card encourages us to use reason and logic rather than instinct, this card can also appear when there has been too much logic. Sometimes the Air card shows up when we have spent hours arguing with ourselves, second guessing everything, over-thinking the issue, going backwards and forwards without result.

Typically, however the Air card arrives when there is a need to step back from emotions and to take a more detached view of a situation. Think laterally, go with a brilliant idea, do what seems right for the world, or brainstorm with others. Follow reason and ideas as they soar into the skies and see where brilliance can take you.

When you draw the Air card, ask yourself the following questions: what would be best for collective humanity at this point? Are you being too emotional? Have you had a brilliant idea, or can you network and communicate with others to brainstorm a solution? Do you need to reach out and talk to someone?

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