10 Signs You Might Be a Natural Born Empath

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. For some, this capability is so intense and innate that they are often labelled as empaths. Being an empath means that you not only recognize emotions, but you also feel them deeply, often absorbing them from other individuals. Are you curious if you might be one of them? Let’s explore the signs of being a natural born empath.

What is an Empath?

Empaths are individuals who are highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of people, animals, and sometimes even the surroundings. This can be overwhelming at times, but it can also be a gift, allowing deep connections and understanding.

Being an empath is more than just being compassionate. It’s about experiencing the world and the emotions of others on a deeper level. Here are 10 signs that suggest you might be a natural born empath:

Signs of a Natural Born Empath

1. Overwhelming Emotions in Crowds: You may feel anxious or overwhelmed in crowded places due to the bombardment of emotions from different individuals.

Being in the midst of bustling environments like shopping malls, concerts, or busy streets can be a sensory assault for empaths. The energy and emotions of so many individuals converge, and the empath can struggle to differentiate their own feelings from those they're absorbing. The need to withdraw isn't a matter of being antisocial; it's a self-preservation tactic. For many empaths, quieter environments where they can control the inflow of energies are far more comfortable.

2. Highly Intuitive: You have a strong sense of knowing, often understanding things without any rational explanation.

Imagine entering a room and immediately sensing the underlying currents of interactions — knowing who's genuine and who's wearing a mask, or sensing hidden tensions and unspoken emotions. While this intuitive talent provides an advantage in understanding social dynamics, it can also be taxing. Empaths often second-guess themselves, wondering if they're merely being judgmental or if their feelings are genuinely intuitive insights.

3. Emotional Sponge: You often take on other people’s emotions, feeling them as your own. This can be both positive and negative emotions.

This emotional mirroring isn't always limited to those directly in an empath's life. Encountering a grieving stranger or even reading an emotional story can lead to intense feelings. Because of this heightened emotional resonance, empaths often have to work on grounding techniques and coping strategies to help differentiate and release emotions that aren't their own.

4. Deep Emotional Connections: You establish profound emotional connections with people, often feeling their pain or happiness intensely.

You may find yourself crying or feeling emotional for no apparent reason, only to discover that someone close to you is going through something significant. Your body and mind naturally absorb and process external energies, which can sometimes lead to emotional overloads if not properly managed or understood.

5. Need for Solitude: After a day of absorbing various emotions, you often need time alone to recharge and reset your energy.

For many empaths, solitude isn't just beneficial; it's vital. Alone time isn't about escaping from the world but rather returning to their core, filtering out external emotions, and finding balance. It's during these moments of solitude that many empaths report feeling most like themselves, free from the external energies that often cloud their personal feelings and thoughts.

6. Aversion to Negativity: Negative news or violent movies deeply affect you, often making you feel physically ill or emotionally drained.

Watching or reading about tragic events, violence, or sorrow in the news can be extremely overwhelming for you. While most people feel sympathy, empaths experience profound sorrow, often leading to the need to disconnect from such sources of information for their well-being.

7. Highly Expressive: You’re not just good at understanding emotions, but you’re also adept at expressing your own. This can lead to highly creative outlets.

Strangers or acquaintances often find themselves pouring their hearts out to you. There’s something about your presence that makes people feel seen, heard, and comforted. While this can be fulfilling, it’s essential to set boundaries to ensure your own emotional well-being.

8. Healing Nature: People often come to you with their problems. Your presence is soothing and helps them heal.

Many empaths are naturally drawn to healing professions or roles. Whether it's in healthcare, counseling, or even spiritual healing, there’s a profound desire to help and heal others. This instinct stems from understanding pain and emotion on a profound level.

9. Love for Nature and Animals: You feel a deep connection to animals and nature. It’s as if you can sense the universal energy that binds everything together.

For many empaths, nature is a sanctuary. The rhythm of waves crashing on the shore, the rustling of leaves in a forest, or the silent majesty of mountains can act as a natural balm for their often frayed nerves. Nature's serenity offers an escape from the cacophony of human emotions, allowing empaths to recharge and find equilibrium.

10. Exhaustion from Relationships: While you connect deeply, it can also be tiring. Toxic relationships or people who drain energy can leave you feeling exhausted and in need of a break.

Frequently feeling tired or fatigued can be a sign of being an empath. It's not just physical tiredness, but also emotional and mental exhaustion. Due to the constant absorption of energies and emotions from your surroundings, your body and mind may require more rest than others.

Embracing Your Empathic Nature

If you identify with the majority of the signs above, there’s a strong possibility that you’re an empath. While it can be challenging to navigate the world feeling emotions so deeply, it’s essential to remember that being an empath is a unique gift. It allows you to understand humanity and the world on a deeper level.

To ensure you maintain a balanced emotional and mental state, it’s essential to practice regular self-care. Grounding exercises, spending time in nature, and setting clear boundaries are some of the ways to protect your energy and embrace your empathic nature fully.

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